Hunt Sabotage in the UK: History, structure and tactics

A talk and workshop, where we will introduce hunt sabotage as a popular
form of resistance in the UK due to the histories and relationships
between land ownership (or lack of it) and class.

We will outline the history of land ownership and enclosure in England,
and how they gave rise to hunting as we know it – as well as past and
present opposition to it. We will then introduce the modern hunt
sabotage movement – a history, links with other social justice movements
and the impacts of law and public opinion.

Then we will look at the current movement in closer detail, with the aim
of giving those who attend a more in-depth idea of how the hunt
saboteurs in the UK are organised and the tactics that are used, as well
as a brief summary of things that are going on at the moment.

In the final part of the workshop, we will facilitate a discussion,
hoping to open conversation around how the framework in the UK can be
learned from.

We hope you will leave this session with a more in-depth understanding
of the Hunt Saboteurs in the UK, and feeling inquisitive and inspired
about your own context.